As soon as the crusade began, the Muslim Brothers took over all the minarets in Gaza, Khan Yunis, Rafah, and Deir al-Balah. And from the minarets they shouted, not "Allahu Akbar!" but "Down with Communism!" 
The Muslim Brothers had not raised the Qur'an against the Baghdad Pact, nor against Israel occupation. They had not raised it for the return of Egyptian administration to Gaza, not to celebrate the United Arab Republic or the July 14 Revolution in Iraq. But now they raised the Qur'an high and shouted: "Your Qur'an is in danger! Down with communism!"' 
The Qur'an is in danger only when it is raised by these, who defile it by bringing it to the chambers of the director of secret police and the director of Intelligence. 
Mu'in Basisu, Descent Into the Water: Palestinian Notes from Arab Exile (1980) 

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